Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We offer a full range of services for professional film and video production at any level of complexity.

– The production of corporate films and videos
– Event film production, both private and corporate.
– Shooting and editing movies – concerts, plays and films
– Video reports – Reports on activities
– Shooting commercials

Attention! A unique service! Original gift! The film is a solemn date: Golden wedding, anniversary birthdays, company anniversary, etc.

Additionally, we offer you separately
– Services director
– Operator services
– Services of an editor and sound designer

In case of need for complex creative tasks that we love, the group can be equipped with different professions.

Samples of our work can be found in the section “Our work”. Or we can send you at the individual request by mail


Акопов1 Workshop in SpbGUKIT 2015 Apr 12

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mzl-mini (Русский) С Наступающим Новым Годом 2013 Dec 30

(Русский) Коллектив Компании ISSA Production от всей Души поздравляет коллег и друзей с Наступающим Новым Годом!!! Спасибо всем, кто помогал нам в этому году!!

Без-имени-1 News from the CANON 2013 Dec 06

CANON offered a free upgrade to the new firmware for the revolutionary family of cameras EOS CINEMA C 100, C300 and C500.