LLC “Old-Мytischenskiy Spring”

Before we have started this project we’ve met with several crews. Many promised mountains of gold, but the specific study of the project offered only this crew. Fast, professional and 100% done. The result which we got is 3 minute info video which entirely in line with our requests and meets not only delivered, but also the designated tasks. Many thanks to all the creative team! We hope that this is not the last joint project!

Marketing department of Old Mytishinski Spring

Parents on the movie “First Time in First Class”

We ordered this movie by our school class. We are glad that now this day is memorable for our children. Lucky with the weather, lucky with a great operator. Our lovely, grownup kids, students now have a second-class school in 1539 are asked to make a movie about the first class again and again, and from the bottom of the heart having fun looking over the last year. It will become a tradition in our family to watch this DVD every year 31st of August. The movie is made with very high quality. Thank you very much for it!

I did not expect that my daughter is so photogenic, and she dreams of becoming an actress in the future. I hope that in the film “the first time in first class”, filmed the famous Director of Picture will be her first role in a series of many. But, I do not like myself! :))) t is necessary to work on myself! 🙂

Great movie, sweet and touching. Our Grandma even cried when was watching it. It is good that we have this disc with the movie. It is good that there are experts in their field, professionals, carefully and attentively created this film for us!

Red ball in the blue sky, the first teacher, and flowers. Nostalgia. A good film about us! Thank you!

Alexander Dorofeev about a movie for his 50th birthday

I have received for my anniversary very unusual present. This was my wife’s idea which she kept till the end in the secret from me. She ordered a movie about me. It is very strange feeling to see yourself in the movie… But it is fun! The movie is made with very high quality. There are some shots from family archive as well as the worm words of the closest members of my family… I was able to see again the house where I was born. The places from my childhood, school and institute time. The camera crew was everywhere! I really respect people who know how to do their job and I respect the real professionals. I would like to say thank you to the director and picture director of my movie for a whopping amount of received positive emotions when watching this movie! I want to note attentive, responsive and sensitive attitude to materials which were provided to the director. All in all, great job! All the guests were thrilled!
We are pleased to recommend Sergey and his crew to my closest friends, they also have birthdays around the corner! Our family friends already asking to connect them with producer. I recommend to all! Thank you very much!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Dorofeev


Акопов1 Workshop in SpbGUKIT 2015 Apr 12

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mzl-mini (Русский) С Наступающим Новым Годом 2013 Dec 30

(Русский) Коллектив Компании ISSA Production от всей Души поздравляет коллег и друзей с Наступающим Новым Годом!!! Спасибо всем, кто помогал нам в этому году!!

Без-имени-1 News from the CANON 2013 Dec 06

CANON offered a free upgrade to the new firmware for the revolutionary family of cameras EOS CINEMA C 100, C300 and C500.