Workshop in SpbGUKIT

2015 Apr 12

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(Русский) С Наступающим Новым Годом

2013 Dec 30

(Русский) Коллектив Компании ISSA Production от всей Души поздравляет коллег и друзей с Наступающим Новым Годом!!! Спасибо всем, кто помогал нам в этому году!!


News from the CANON

2013 Dec 06

CANON offered a free upgrade to the new firmware for the revolutionary family of cameras EOS CINEMA C 100, C300 and C500.


News from Nat Expo 2013

2013 Dec 05

As part of a new exhibition NAT Expo ’13 ISSA Production company held a seminar on “Practical application of digital cameras Canon C 300 and C 500.”

выставка MAC 2013

MAC 2013 exhibit

2013 Jun 18

ISSA Production Company took participation in exhibition MAC 2013. The visitors of the stand has shown great interest to the CANON C300 and С500 with PL mount.

семинар cannon

CANON Seminar

2013 Jun 13

In the frame of the exhibition took place a seminar “Canon cameras for the digital cinematography”. The seminar was arranged in cooperation of Konstantin Vanag, Canon Russia and Sergey Akopov.

ролик для кандидата

Trailer for а candidate

2013 Jun 11

Participation in filming the electoral video of the candidate for Governor of Moscow region Andre Vorobyov.

старомытищенский источник

Old-Mytischenskiy Spring

2013 Jun 10

Final production of commercial video “Staromytishinski Istochnik”.